Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Harper’s New Game


One day last week I brought Harper’s toy animals outside for him to play with and this is what he ended up doing with them. He gets one at a time and brings them over to the garden and sets them up.

Each animal gets it’s own brick but sometimes he has to rearrange them several times to get them just how he likes them.


He talks to them and can tell me every single animals name. It isn’t always terribly clear, but I know he’s telling me Zebra even if it sounds like he’s saying E-ba. I sat in the grass in the shade watching him do this for nearly 30 minutes. He was just as happy as he could be to do his own thing. It’s become something he asks to do every day since and there are only slight variations to the game so far. For instance, he may just decide to put two animals next to each other, or knock one down and tell me “uh-oh” or “night-night” and then we have to go fix them. Tonight’s variation included walking up on the wall (with my assistance) and stepping over each animal while trying not to knock them down.

I’m not sure if he’s learning anything by playing with the animals like this, but it sure is fun to watch him!

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