Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Landon’s 11th

I guess daily blogging is just out of the question for me. It’s a lot easier to blog that way, but I just can’t seem to find the time and energy to do it every day, so I’m resorting to the “blog as much as possible in one night” method and seeing how that works.

So, here goes:


This past Saturday was Landon’s 11th birthday party. He doesn’t turn 11 until July 10th, but we always have his party before school lets out so that his friends will be around.

This year’s party was a campout. We had campout fare for dinner; hot dogs, watermelon, chips and juice. Then we let the kids make s’mores outside in the fire pit. (I made cupcakes also, but then realized I didn’t need them because we had s’mores! Oops!)

The boys (there were 8 total including Landon) played and played outside the entire night. They played basketball, soccer, and ran around to their hearts content and when it finally got dark enough, they played flashlight tag.

He opened his gifts, and was so happy to get some great stuff. Meme and Papa got him fireworks because it was such a hit last year, Mema got him some iTunes money, Tony and I got him the game Diablo 3, his friend Kyle gave him a new soccer ball and everyone else gave him lots of cash so he could get whatever he wanted. He was thrilled!

We had two tents set up in the backyard for the boys to sleep in and even rented a projector so that they could watch Thor in the backyard under the stars. We also set up the popcorn machine for them out there and it was actually a pretty cool set-up, if I do say so myself! ;)

Lucky for me, Zoe and Jaron also slept outside with the boys (in a third tent) and were my “crowd control” which meant that Tony and I were able to go in and get to sleep while the two of them stayed out there and keep the peace. Zoe had to go in and let the boys know that it was bed time around 12:30am, and by about 1am it was quiet. (Thank goodness she was out there and able to handle it because I was exhausted!)

All the kids were gone the next morning around 10am and order was restored to the yard and house. I don’t think I’ll ever do another sleep over though, it’s just way too much work! I really like parties that are somewhere other than my house and 2 hours and over.

(Hardly any pics were taken at the party because I was so busy every second. Not only was Landon having his party, but my mom, dad and Jaron had driven up to visit, so I was busy “visiting” as well as party running and picture taking had to take a back seat.)

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