Friday, June 29, 2012

Keeping Busy

It was so incredibly hot today that going outside was just out of the question. It sure makes the day longer when you have to fill all of it indoors, but we managed to keep ourselves pretty busy.

Harper was happy to try out his new paints I picked up at Michael’s yesterday.


After playing a computer game and watching TV, Landon settled down to draw his dream theme park.


Zoe got herself caught up on laundry and then read a little before coming up to join us at the table. She decided to create a design with the perler beads, something we seem to pull out every summer.


Once Harper went down for his nap, I decided I’d better get started on my second canvas. I think this canvas is going to be a little more time consuming than the first, but hopefully it’ll come out the way I have it planned in my mind.


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