Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hex Bugs

For his birthday, Landon mostly received money. I think people just aren’t sure what to get kids these days because it seems like they already have so much…which, in fact, they do. Receiving money isn’t really so bad though, right? I know I wouldn’t complain!

Anyways, since he’s had all this birthday money burning a hole in his wallet, he decided to take it with him the other day on one of my (too frequent) trips to Target.

He ended up buying himself some Hex Bugs. I hadn’t ever heard of them until that day, but they seemed pretty neat, and it was his money after all.

It has probably been one of his better buys to date. Not only does he actually play with them, but Harper likes to sit and watch them go as well.



So far we’re up to 9 bugs and one building kit. I think though, that before the summers through, we’ll probably be adding to our collection, especially if it actually holds their attention like it has been! 

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