Wednesday, June 13, 2012

No More Teachers, No More Books

Until college that is! That’s right, Zoe graduated high school last week!!


It’s so hard to believe. I’d been dreading and anxiously awaiting June 5th for so long that when it finally got here it almost all passed in a blur. Zoe got up and started getting ready for graduation almost immediately, but I didn’t even start to get ready until about an hour before we left. I just couldn’t really wrap my head around what was going on. Luckily my parents were here to help keep things running smoothly!

The girls were required to wear a white or light pastel dress under their robe, and Zoe and I both loved the one she got for her big day. It was more of a cream color than white, but that was good for her because she’s already so pale we didn’t want her to be totally washed out! :)


Since her ceremony was in the evening (7pm) I wanted to grab her for pics beforehand for better lighting. (Good thing I didn’t rely on the “professional” photographers at the ceremony because their shots were terrible!)


Please ignore the wrinkles, we fixed that right after these were taken!


Then of course there were all the family pictures that had to be taken. Please bear with me, it was an important day and there were MANY photos taken…

Zoe and Jaron


Zoe and her Papa


Zoe and her Meme


Zoe and her Mema


Me and my baby girl


Zoe and her Dad


Zoe and her super proud parents


The Five of Us (almost 6!)


Zoe and Landon


I think I took about 100 pictures of just us in the front yard before the ceremony, so this really is just a few of what I got! After all the pictures in the front yard, we were off to the ceremony. It was held at an equestrian center about 30 minutes away, but because the kids had to be there an hour before it started we had to leave around 4:30pm to factor in traffic. Zoe’s boyfriend was nice enough to take her on to the ceremony and we all stopped to grab a bite to eat on the way (McD’s, nothing special!). They got there right around 6pm and we ended up getting there with about 25 minutes to spare.

(This post seems pretty long already, so the next one will be the actual ceremony.)

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