Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Ceremony

Luckily for us Zoe’s boyfriend and another friend of hers were nice enough to save us seats at the equestrian center. It was nice that we didn’t have to search all over for enough seats for all of us to be together!

I was worried that I’d be a big cry baby during her ceremony but the only time I got teary eyed was when the first started the pomp and circumstance. It was just this sudden rush of emotion, but after about 5 minutes of watching kids walk in, with that song droning on in the background, I got over it! :)

Zoe was near the end, of course, because of our last name, so we waited what felt like an eternity for her to make her way into the main area. (We were REALLY far away from the entrance area, so this was the best I could do.)


This picture looks like she’s looking right at me, but really it was just good timing. Or luck.


Group shot, I think there were a total of 580 graduates


She finally spotted us while in line to receive her diploma!


And made it gracefully down the stairs. (Unlike 4 unlucky girls who fell down them! 6 inch heels really are a bit much…)


I love this next picture even though it’s blurry. Her friend, Ginna, is reaching over the aisle to give her a high five as she walks by.


And then they turned their tassels and tossed their caps into the air and it was a done deal. 580 students graduated in about 1 1/2 hours. Not bad.


After the ceremony it was time for more pictures, but those are really just for Zoe. She got lots of pictures with her best friends and they laughed and joked and couldn’t believe what had just occurred. She stayed for awhile and we drove on home in a sort of stupor, trying to figure out the gravity of what had just happened…and I don’t think it’s really hit any of us yet.

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