Friday, August 31, 2012

A Day at the Park

We’ve been having pretty nice weather here, so the other morning I took Harper and Dakota out to the park.

We’ve been to duck pond park a many times, but every time I’ve taken Harper I’ve forgotten to bring bread for him to feed the ducks…until now.



He just loved it! He laughed and laughed when the ducks would grab the bread with their bills and shake it. He kept asking for more bread long after we’d run out, so I guess we’ll be heading back to the pond to feed the ducks again real soon.


After feeding the ducks we walked around the path to the park. On the way we spotted lots of pretty flowers and butterflies.

We finally made it to the park, and he was happy to get out of the stroller so he could run and stretch his legs. I brought a couple of his toy cars for him to push around and he liked watching them go down the slide.



We even managed to find some circles while we were playing. There were some on the bench his cars were driving on:


There was a big circle window on the bottom of the play equipment:


And even a few that he could stick his hands through:


We had a great time playing and I’m getting braver and braver when it comes to taking both the little kids out to do things on my own. Dakota was awake the entire time we played at the park, but she was happy as long as I held her facing outward so she could see what was going on. It made taking pictures a challenge, but I managed! Smile

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