Thursday, August 16, 2012

Group Photo Fails

I am on a desperate quest to get a great picture of my 4 kids together. I’ve tried a couple of times now, and I’m beginning to think it may actually be impossible.

My biggest challenge is getting them all in one place at the same time, before it’s too dark out to get a decent shot.

Yesterday, we found about 15 minutes of time to get some photo’s taken, but unfortunately, I’m not happy with any of them.

Here’s the results, and the reasons why they suck.

1.) Dakota’s and Harper’s facial expressions…


2.) Harper’s frowny face…


3.) Dakota pretending to sleep…


4.) Harper taking cues from Dakota, and Landon’s slightly crazy eyes…


There were several more, but always at least one thing wrong. Notice that top ruffle on Dakota’s skirt? It’s turned up in every single picture! It drives me crazy that none of us caught that! We’ll be trying again today once Zoe and Landon get home…and I’m definitely going to be on crazy eye, frowny face, fake sleep, flipped up ruffle alert!

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