Monday, August 6, 2012

I’m Back….

Sort of. Well, not sort of, but I’m going to attempt to be back, and not just for today. But, we’ll see. I have so many things to blog about as we’ve been so incredibly busy, yet I just don’t know where to start. That’s the one thing I hate about going MIA for so long, it’s just always so hard to catch back up.

We had such a terrific time with my mom and Jaron here visiting and we did so many things. The big kids kept themselves occupied for the most part (there was lots of Smash Bros. involved), and Mom and I worked on projects around the house. Really, she did most of the work while I kind of helped when I could.


When my mom wasn’t working on a project she was helping entertain the babies. She and Harper became great playmates and he’s been asking about her since she left.

They raced cars down the track and he learned the new phrase “I cheated”. He always started the race before her so she told him once that he was cheating…after that, he would always say “I cheated” before letting his car go. It became quite the game when Meme told him that she cheated too, and so then there was a big cheating war going on between them.


They also spent some time together out in Harper’s new sandbox. She would hide his toys in the sand and then tell him he had to find them. It took a time or two for him to understand what he was supposed to do, but last night when I was out playing with him in the sand, he told me to close my eyes so he could hide the toys…so, I guess he gets it now!



Another activity Harper loves to do is to jump on the trampoline. I don’t know how he convinced Meme to get up there with him, but he did, and I think once she got up there she enjoyed it because I found her out there with him several times!


Many times, while I was busy with Harper, mom could be found snuggling Dakota.


I have to say that having my mom up here for three weeks was great. I was able to heal from the c-section while she helped me do all the things required to keep a house functioning. Those first few weeks with Dakota were especially tough, but that’s another post…stay tuned!

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