Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our Tiger

Yesterday was Zoe’s college move in day. I’d been dreading it all week, and then boom, it was time. She was packed and completely ready to go the night before, she even had everything in Brandon’s car…all she had to do was get up in the morning and leave…and she did.


They set out super early (7:15am) so that she could be the first to get in the room to choose her bed. She got there long before her other two roommates and claimed the single bed so that she wouldn’t have to share a bunk. I asked her to wait to do most of her unpacking until I could get there to help, and she was nice enough to do that for me.

When we got there, Zoe, Brandon and one of her roommates were in the lounge playing pool. We relaxed there for a bit, letting them finish their game, and then headed up to her dorm to help her unpack.


Her new roommate, Aimy, seems like a great girl. She was very talkative and easy going and she and Zoe hit it off immediately. Their other roommate was out while we were there so we didn’t get to meet her…hopefully next time.


Zoe ended up on the very top floor of her tower, and 13 stories is pretty high up! It’s especially high when you have to take the stairs because the elevators are busy…


The girls mentioned that their bathroom door was locked and that their room key didn’t open it. I found the RA’s number and after Zoe called him he came up immediately to open the door. We were all a little shocked to see just how small the bathroom was! It is quite literally a toilet and tub. No frills. (The sinks are in the main rooms.) I am interested to hear how 5 girls manage using this one tiny bathroom…glad it’s them and not me!



This is the view from Zoe’s bed. To the left, where the light is on, is the sink area. The door directly behind Landon is the bathroom. Down by the window is another closet with a bookshelf on bottom.


This view is from the windows towards Zoe’s end of the room. All the girls have their beds lining the one wall. They were originally set up as bunks, but they took them down immediately because no one wanted the top. Behind Zoe is a small refrigerator and microwave that the college provided.


This is Zoe’s bed, which Dakota found quite comfortable!



As you can see, the room is pretty...cozy. Each girl has her own space, but it is extremely limited. Hopefully they will all get along and figure out how to live together without too much drama. Zoe’s desk is pushed right up against Aimy’s which ends right at the closet door. They aren’t even able to open their room door completely with this set-up, but they don’t seem to mind!


Being there yesterday was so surreal for me. I mean, all of Zoe’s life I’ve dreamed of big things for her, but when it came down to it, I was so not ready for her to move on. I know she is going to have the time of her life and that she isn’t far from us, but it’s going to be tough not seeing her on a daily basis. As she’s gotten older she and I have become a little less mom and daughter and a little more friend-like.

It’s nice to be included in her life and to know what’s going on, and I’m going to miss seeing her pretty face and hearing her funny stories; hopefully she’ll tell me all the great things she’s doing when she comes home on the weekends.

So far today I’ve texted her a couple of times, but I’m doing my best to butt out. I know she’s got things to do and figure out and I’ve just got to stay out of the way to let her do her thing. Luckily, I’m more proud than I am sad because I think that is what has kept me strong and sane throughout this process. I can’t express enough how much it means to me to see her go to college and live a life I never did. I want her to be everything she wants, and I’m happy to step back and watch, even though it’s incredibly hard.

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