Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Potty Story

So, as promised, here is Harper’s first potty story.

This story really begins with a pair of red socks. Yes, red socks. See, a few weeks ago it was actually chilly enough in my house that I needed to wear a pair of socks. I have a pair of very warm socks that I like to wear, and they just happen to be the most obnoxious, vibrant red. Of course, Harper noticed them right away and after he touched them remarked how soft they were. I told him they were my “puppies” and pretended to bark and chase him with them. (Yeah, I know, weird.) He, of course, absolutely loved that and has been a bit fixated with them since.

So, the other night when he was sitting on the pot, one of the “puppies” told him he should try to put some potty in the pot…and that’s exactly when it happened. Apparently, those “puppies” know how to talk to a two year old in order to get him to go!

I hadn’t realized he’d gone, but when I picked him up to put him in the bath he said, “see my pee” and sure enough, there it was! I made a huge deal out of it and he beamed with pride! He sat back on the seat and squeezed out every last drop that he could muster just to get more crazy hoorays and cheers out of me. :)

Last night he was waiting for me to finish with Dakota’s bath and sat on the potty to play my iPad and he ended up going again. As soon as he finished, he jumped up and looked at the potty in the seat; he was just thrilled with himself.

I guess from here, we’ll just keep trying a little each day. I think I’ll keep having him try each night before bath for awhile and eventually I’ll start working on other times of the day. He still wakes up pretty wet each morning so I don’t think he’s totally there yet, but now at least I know he understands when he has to go and how to make it happen!  

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