Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trampoline Weather

Now that the weather isn’t as hot, we’ve all been going outside a little more. Landon couldn’t stand the thought of going outside a lot of days this summer because it was just too hot. He spent a lot of time playing indoors, and probably too much of it was spent on video games.

I’m glad the weather is a bit cooler now though, and he’s able to get outside to burn off some of his never ending energy. He and his friends spend a good deal of time out on our trampoline. They come up with countless games and just have the best time.

The game they were playing a few days ago was pretty funny to watch. One person, in this case Landon, would lie in the middle and count while the other two “hid”. After counting, he had to get up and try to tag one of the other two and then they would be “it”. It was funny because the one with their eyes closed would be completely off balance as the other two ran around keeping away. Landon had better luck staying on his knees and just reaching around him, like in the picture below.




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