Monday, September 3, 2012

This and That

Just a few things:

  • I didn’t believe it until I actually saw Zoe, but she was indeed homesick. Her last class on Friday ended at 12:50pm and she was here by 2:30pm. It was like she just couldn’t get here fast enough. I was so happy to see her.


  • Landon is quite a little salesman. His school handed out fundraiser stuff this past week and he’s been out every day this weekend selling stuff to the neighbors. So far he’s sold 20 items and he needs to sell 30 to get to go on the limo ride out to lunch this Friday. I’m really hoping he gets it because he’s worked really hard. Oh, and he was so incredibly cute giving his baby sister her bottle the other day. He’s going to make a great daddy some day.


  • Harper repeats everything we say. Although my kids as well as Tony and I all say “Oh my God!” I don’t like it. I tell Harper he can say “Oh my Goodness”, and sometimes he’ll say that, but other times he’ll look me dead in the eye and say “Oh my God!” When I look at him, he has a little glint in his eye (naughty!!!!) and says “You don’t like it?” Man that kids adorable…but he’s also so incredibly rotten!


  • Dakota has been giving the biggest smiles this weekend. Tonight, while I was giving her a bath, I was just talking to her to keep her calm and she kept giving me the sweetest little grins. Tony and I have been giving Harps and Kota their bath at the same time and Harper likes to try to help. He always hands me the cup and asks “You need it?” I always take it, need it or not, because I’m afraid Dakota’s going to get a face full if I don’t!


  • Landon asked if he was old enough to read The Hunger Games and I decided that at 11 years old, he was indeed ready. (He’s already seen the movie too, so why not read the book?) We went to the library to get it and were surprised to see it was Star Wars day and that Darth Vader was available for pictures. I had to practically force him to get a picture with Darth, but he finally did it after I threatened to make him take a picture of me with him! Haha!


  • Zoe wanted to try something different with her hair, so we put it up in a sock bun. It was really easy to do and looked really cute.


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