Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Harper and Jack

Harper was really excited about all the pumpkins we saw at the farm this past weekend, so I thought he might enjoy gluing together his very own jack-o-lantern.


For some reason I thought this activity would last for more than 2 seconds, but really, he just slapped some glue on the pieces (with help), slapped them on the pumpkin and was on to the next thing before I even knew what was happening.


His jack-o-lantern turned out great, and I know I’ve really evolved as a mom since I didn’t rearrange his pieces or try to tell him where they went in an effort to make it look “right”. I’ll admit that my hand twitched a little, but I’m really glad I left him to his own work because I think it’s awesome. 


He’s really pretty young still when it comes to this whole Halloween business, but I’ve been reading him stories and showing him pictures and talking about it with him in an effort to get him ready for the big night. I’m curious what he’ll think about people being dressed up and if he’ll like dressing up. Last year he wasn’t too opinionated about any of it, but I imagine he’ll definitely have something to say about it this year!

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