Monday, October 15, 2012

Kinder Farm Fall Fest

One of our local parks had a fall festival this past Saturday and we decided to give it a try. Admission and parking were free, so we figured why not?

One of the first tables we saw on our walk up the path was one featuring local organic produce. They were giving away apples, and both boys had to have one.



We stopped to pet the llama’s but Harper decided he’d just look at it instead of touch it.


There was this really cute little tractor race set up for the little kids, so Harper and I gave it a go.



We came in dead last.

Landon came across a vendor selling water yo-yo’s and he wasn’t about to go home without one.


After buying some tickets, we made our way over to the game area. We did some pumpkin bowling:


Threw some horseshoe’s:


And kicked some soccer balls:


Landon saw a mechanical bull and thought it looked pretty easy, so he decided to give it a try:




When he got off, he said it definitely was a lot harder than it looked!

One of the coolest things they had set up was a corn cob shoot.


There were bales of hay set up to resemble a rabbit, spider, caterpillar and pig. You’d load your corn cob into this tube and then press a button that made a burst of air shoot the cob into the field. Landon’s second cob went straight into the caterpillars face!


I know we will definitely go back to this festival next year. I think it’ll be more fun when Dakota’s a little bigger. This year she was awake the entire time and wanted to be held, so it was quite a job trying to keep her warm and happy while letting the other two play games. We sure had fun though!


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