Friday, November 30, 2012

Gone Fishin’

An unexpected bonus on our trip to SC this year came in the form of fishing. When the boys got a little bored one afternoon, they headed down to the lake to do some fishing. Little did I know how much they were going to enjoy it. They ended up fishing for hours and hours and even brought the boat out at one point.

That’s Jaron, Landon and Brandon out there. Looks like Brandon is releasing something. I know each of them caught a few fish.



Landon LOVED it. On the way home he told me how much he couldn’t wait to get back down there and go fishing again. (You have no idea how much I LOVE that picture of my boy fishing. Sweet.)

When Landon caught his first fish, he was pretty excited. He didn’t want to hold it, but my brother taught him that if he was going to fish, he’d have to be big enough to take the hook out of it’s mouth and release it. Kyle showed him how to hold the fish and remove the hook and even how to release it, and Landon did great.

Jaron was awesome and took a picture of Landon with his catch out on the boat.IMG_8595[1]

I foresee a lot of fishing next time we’re down at my parent’s house!

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