Thursday, November 1, 2012


It’s hard to believe that another Halloween has already come and gone. When I was a kid, I can remember feeling like Halloween was NEVER going to get here but now that I’m an adult I feel like it’s here and gone before I know it. Funny how that works.

This years cast of characters included a freaky looking scarecrow type guy:


A Cowboy:



And, Minnie Mouse:



Originally, I wanted Harper to dress as Mickey Mouse so that we’d have Mickey and Minnie, but it just didn’t work out. Finding a good Mickey costume proved to be a difficult task. I ended up piecing together the little cowboy outfit thinking that he’d not object too much since it was basically just wearing regular clothes + a hat. Well, he hated the hat, despised the boots and kept pulling the rope out of the belt loop. I was able to bribe him into the costume with the promise of strangers giving him candy and once he got started “tick o teating” he forgot all about the hat, boots and rope. Actually, he ended up absolutely loving the whole trick-or-treating thing. He walked all over this neighborhood knocking on people’s doors asking for some “canny”. He was pretty darn adorable.

I didn’t even dress Dakota in her costume on Halloween night because it was just too cold. When I bought the costume she was just 3 months old, so I got her a 3 month dress and wouldn’t you know it was nearly too small once it was time for her to actually wear it! I squeezed her into it long enough to get some pictures and I think she made an adorable little Minnie Mouse. I’m already contemplating what I can do with the two of them next year…I’ve gotta start now so that it may actually happen once October rolls around next year.

Landon isn’t a trick-or-treater. He hasn’t been into that for years. He’s preferred to stay at home and scare the trick-or-treater’s for as long as I can remember. This year he got all dressed up and sat on the porch waiting for his victims. He put a note on the table with the candy that read “Take one or two pieces” and when someone would reach for one, he’d move or make noise to scare them. He was in all his glory when he’d actually scare someone. It just made his day. He told me he even “scared a dad”. He said when he moved the dad said “Oh God!” Hee hee!

Tony didn’t dress up this year since Landon was giving out the candy. He pushed Dakota around in the stroller while Harper and I went house to house. It was a nice night and we all had a good time. I still can’t believe it’s already over though! On to the next thing I suppose…

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