Thursday, November 15, 2012

Me Ready Now

This morning I needed to run an errand at the mall. I had been playing with Harper and Dakota for quite awhile on the floor when I announced that we were going to start getting ready to go and Harper was quick to protest. He said he didn’t want to go, and when I said we still had to go, he asked for 2 more minutes. (It always makes me laugh when he asks for two more minutes. I mean, could he even possibly know what that means?)

I told him he had until I had our bag packed and Dakota buckled in her car seat, so he went about his business of playing. Once I said it was time to go, he jumped up and said “One minute!” I started to tell him that time was up, but once I noticed him frantically looking in the toy box for something, I decided to wait to see what he was doing.

He finally found what he was looking for, his little blue pot with the plastic food and spoon, then he turned to me and said “Ok, me ready now”. Smile I guess he felt like he might need to serve up lunch while we were out, I don’t know. I just thought it was so cute that of all the toys he had he decided to drag along a plastic pot of food and that having that toy made him ready to go. I wish I could be ready so easily.


He learned pretty quickly that this wasn’t the best toy for a ride in the car because he couldn’t serve me while I drove and the pot kept slipping all over the place. But, he held onto it until we got to the mall and then decided he’d rather have a snack than make one.

While we were browsing around the mall, Dakota was awake and in her seat behind Harper. She was really happy and kept kicking her legs and every once in awhile she’d kick the back of his seat. He kept saying “No, no, Kota” and “No kicking me, Kota!”. I had to laugh about that too because if he’s already this agitated with her, I can’t even begin to imagine how annoyed he’ll be when she’s older and won’t stop specifically because he’s asking her.

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