Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Uncle Ky-Ky

It isn’t usual that my brother is off for an entire week that we visit, but somehow he was able to get the time off this year. It was the first time he’d met Kota, and he kind of had to re-introduce himself to Harper since it had been awhile since they had seen each other. (But, Harper did remember Kyle; he never forgets people it seems.)

The kids were so ready to get out of the van after 8 hours of traveling and it was so nice that my parents and Kyle were there to help us unload and get the kids running around and using some of that pent up energy. Kyle ended up taking Harper on a tour around the house and then outside to explore the yard. He showed him the rock wall out front (which was an instant favorite!) and then the vegetable garden.


Harper was happy to follow him around while we got ourselves situated in the house, and when I came back outside to check on them, I found Kyle, Landon and Harper outside on the porch swing.


I hate that the picture came out blurry, but love that I managed to grab that shot of the three of them hanging out.

Once we went back inside, we let Dakota stretch out on the floor with her toys (she was so happy to be out of the car!)  and Kyle decided that was a good time to meet his niece.


*Zoe has called my brother Kyle Uncle Ky-Ky forever now. She couldn’t say Kyle way back when and Ky-Ky stuck. All my kids call him that, even Zoe still says it!

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