Thursday, November 29, 2012

Indoor Chalkboards


Mom was really thinking of ways to keep Harper and Dakota comfy while we were visiting, and one of the things she thought to do was make a giant chalkboard area for Harper to draw. He LOVES to play with his chalk outside, but since it’s colder, it was awesome to have an area he could play inside. She put chalkboard paint under the island in the kitchen, and also on a part of the wall above the kitchen. To get to the top part, you have to stand on the island though, so it was adults only…and the picture at the top of this post is what Kyle had drawn when we arrived. Cool, huh?

Jaron and my mom had the bottom chalkboard decorated when we showed up, and it was so cute!


Harper did enjoy drawing on the board, but I think he liked erasing more than anything.


Although the chalkboard was meant for Harper, I think everyone had some fun with it. Here’s the picture that Jaron and I drew:


I’m already thinking of where I'm going to make our indoor chalk area…

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