Monday, November 26, 2012

We Decorate

The time has come to play a little catch up since my unforeseen blog hiatus. I can just hear my mom now “Quit acting so busy and blog so that I have something to read”. Smile Right, mom?

We’ve been busy as usual, but then we also threw in a quick trip to South Carolina to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was wonderful, but over so quickly I can still feel my head spinning.

I’ve got so many stories to share. So many memories I’d like to write down to remember. So, bear with me…lots of yammering and photos coming up!

I’ll start with a few photo’s of the kids “helping” me decorate the tree this year. We put nearly all of our Christmas stuff up before we left for SC so that I wouldn’t have to worry about rushing that when we got home. I feel like it’s too much work to only have up a short 25 days…



Kota wasn’t really much help, she just kind of hung out looking at the lights. Zoe wasn’t able to be home to help either since we did it on a Thursday night. So, really, the boys put a few ornaments on the tree, got bored, and left me to finish. Hopefully it won’t be like that every year.

Somehow I was able to convince Harper to put on the Santa hat so that I could get pictures. He was willing to wear the hat, but wouldn’t look at the camera no matter what I did! Kota was more compliant. I think she just wondered what the heck was on her head.



I put up my little snowman tree again this year.


But, these large Christmas balls are a new addition.


I hung all those balls while Harper was napping and when I was carrying him downstairs he said “Hey! Those boons (balloons) are hanging upside down!” Haha! Such a cutie!

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