Saturday, December 15, 2012

Glitter Snowman

Harper was pacing the house this past Thursday just looking for trouble, so I quickly printed out a little snowman for him to decorate.

He’s still a bit too young to really color, cut or glue on his own, so I thought I’d let him “paint” on some glitter.

I just gave him a paintbrush and some glue with glitter mixed in and he was set. He did a pretty good job getting the glue all over the snowman, but since it didn’t take too long, I thought I’d better give him a few more supplies to do a little more creating.


I fought every urge to tell him that the buttons were supposed to go down the snowman’s front! I just let him put them where he wanted…and, it’s cute!

I gave him some plastic snow pieces and made some big dots of glue around the snowman…


It was a super simple little activity, but it filled up about 10 minutes of his time. Since we were already making a mess, I got out some paints and we made a handprint ornament:



I have plans for that little handprint ornament…

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