Thursday, December 20, 2012

Catching Up

Not sure if anyone noticed, but it’s been 5 whole days since my last post. Oops. We’ve had a lot going on around here…

Zoe’s done with finals and home for winter break. She took her last exam on Tuesday and came straight home. I think she’s actually happy to be here and I love it!

Kiersten and her boyfriend flew up for a quick visit this past week also. They came in on the 12th and left on the 18th. It was nice visiting with them and I loved that I got to meet her boyfriend. Harper absolutely loved playing with Jeff and Jeff seemed to enjoy playing with Harper as well. It always surprises me when a guy comes into the house and so easily plays with my kids; but I think it’s awesome.

Landon’s been finishing up all his school stuff in anticipation of break, and for him that meant a couple projects and finishing reading The Hobbit. Thankfully he’s all caught up and going to be able to relax during his break.

Harper, Dakota and I have been terribly busy with life. We’ve been doing a lot of errand running and finishing up the Christmas shopping. I have to admit that those two littles are pretty great considering all the running around we do. It isn’t easy taking the two of them out to shop, but I no longer fear for my sanity every time we go out…

We’ve been fitting in a little Christmas craft here and there and Peppermint, our elf, is always a hit in the morning. I always send Harper and Landon on a hunt for her before Landon leaves for school in the morning, and sometimes I have to pretty much tell them exactly where she is. I thought Landon would be able to help Harper, but not so much. Smile

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