Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Now, are these the same?

Yesterday was extremely busy. In the morning, the two babies and I made a trip to the mall to get a few last gifts. We stopped in Carters for a few minutes too, and Harper asked to get out of the stroller to play at the little block table while I looked around.

There was only one other little girl playing at the table when we got there, and as soon as Harper made his way over, he struck up a conversation with her.

The table they were playing at had 4 sections, a red, blue, green and yellow. Just a typical block table. When he got to the table, the little girls mother asked the girl to share some of the blocks. She handed Harper two yellow blocks, and after inspecting them, Harper held them up to her and asked her “Now, are these the same”? The girl just kind of looked at him, and when she didn’t answer, he said “Yes! They are the same. They are two yellows!” and put them on the yellow part of the table.

Next, he pulled out two blocks and held them up with the same question. Again, she did not answer so he very enthusiastically told her that No, they weren’t the same. One was blue, and one was yellow…and then he put them on the matching spot on the table.

I thought the whole incident was hysterical! He was so sweet about the whole thing and the little girl just looked at him completely puzzled. I don’t know if she understood him or not, but boy was he happy to teach her a thing or two! I couldn’t help but think about how lucky Dakota is to have him as her older brother. I’m just sure that as she gets bigger he’ll be teaching her all kinds of great things!

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