Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Symphony of Lights

After our trip to the mall yesterday morning, I got the babies home for naps. As soon as Harper got up from his nap, we loaded back up in the car to go get Landon from school.

After picking up Landon, we headed to the allergist office so Landon could get his monthly shots. Since we were already out in Columbia, we headed to the mall for a rare mid-week dinner, and then took the kids on a drive through the Symphony of Lights.





I thought that Harper would get a kick out of seeing all the lights, and I was right. He loved pointing out the things he saw and really enjoyed the ride. Landon enjoyed it as well, even though he’s been several times. Dakota wasn’t so happy about it and cried and cried until I ended up getting in the back seat and holding her. She is such a mess in the car! Once I took her out of her seat (we were driving about 2 mph, don’t worry) she was happy to look out the window at the lights too.

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