Tuesday, December 4, 2012


By now you’ve probably heard of or seen The Elf on the Shelf. It is everywhere! I saw it last year but wasn’t too sure I wanted to try to start a new tradition, but once I read up on it and saw all the cute ideas pop up on Pinterest, I was sold.

I picked up the book and elf at Target this past weekend, and got started with it on Sunday night. I read the book to Harper and we named her Peppermint.

He couldn’t help but hold that little elf the rest of the night, but I made sure to grab it before he went to bed. In the morning, he found the elf under the tree with a bunch of his zoo animals!


He was thrilled! He pulled the truck out and played with Peppermint and the animals for a bit, and then carried her around for a good part of the morning. Once he finally put her down, I put her up high so he wouldn’t lose her somewhere…and the next morning that little elf had built herself a house with his blocks! (Forgot to get a picture!) Again, he was tickled finding his elf, and now I’m sure this will be a fun little game to play throughout the season.

Now, I’ve just gotta remember to set the scene each night. There are so many possibilities!

PS. When I brought the elf home, Landon told me we should name her Creepy. He thinks it’s awful and scary looking. Zoe too. Good thing the babies like her!

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