Sunday, January 6, 2013

IB Alumni Ceremony

2013-01-06 001 2013-01-04 004

This past Friday Zoe (finally) received her IB diploma. We knew that she had earned it way back at the beginning of July, but the actual ceremony and reception wasn’t until just this past Friday.

The IB coordinator invited all IB alumni and their families for a continental breakfast followed by the ceremony. Since it wasn’t going to be a long ceremony, we just packed up the babies and took them with us rather than call Mema to babysit. (Landon was at school.)

The two littles were really good the whole time, but just as the ceremony was about to begin, Dakota started to get fussy which meant she was ready for a nap. She pretty much fell asleep instantly once I started rocking her back and forth in my seat, and I gave Harper my iPad to keep him happy.

Since I was busy with the babes, I sent Brandon down to the stage with my phone to get some pictures of Zoe accepting her diploma. (In my rush to get out the door on time that morning I forgot my real camera!) Tony was down there too, but I never did see the shots he took with his cell. The lighting was terrible so the pics were blurry but that couldn’t be helped. I’m just thankful we got something! After all, earning that diploma was a major accomplishment!

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