Sunday, January 6, 2013

Goings On

This weekend was a good one. Good in the getting things accomplished sort of way. For some reason Tony felt like putting some checks on his to do list, so lots of little this and that’s got done. Things like putting new batteries in the remote blinds so they’d go all the way up and putting another coat of primer on the wood in the garage. He also helped with the laundry, the kids, the dishes and even got up super early (5:30am) to put dinner in the crock pot.

*If you are looking for an EXCELLENT pulled pork recipe, try this one. It is worth the effort. Or, worth the effort of the person who makes it…in this case, Tony. :) It makes a ton though, so make sure you invite the neighbors. They’ll be wondering what smells so good anyways.

Tony wasn’t the only busy body around here though. I managed to get my craft room cleaned up only to turn around and start a scrapbook project that makes it look like I never did anything. I got lots of stuff organized in here though and my space is much more friendly and usable now. I also did laundry, played with kids, did some dishes, cleaned bathrooms…you know, exciting stuff.

This morning I was sitting on the floor with Harper on my lap and I fell backwards with him, just playing around. I guess he thought it would be fun to bite me and did so on my chest. It hurt like hell! It’s only a small mark, and thankfully it didn’t bleed, but damn I was not happy. I don’t believe in hitting my kids, and would certainly never bite them to “show them how it feels” but I did pop his lips and tell him that he should never, ever bite. He cried and cried telling me he “don’t wanna bite mama” and wanted me to hold him, which of course, I did. I sure hope I got through to him about biting, that crap hurt!

Here’s a couple photos from last week that I never shared:

My two baby dolls after their naps. It’s rare that Harper will even sit this close to Kota. He’s still so funny about her. See how she’s looking at him though? He’s like her hero. She just thinks he’s the funniest thing around!

2013-01-06 001 2013-01-03 001

2013-01-06 001 2013-01-03 003

2013-01-06 001 2013-01-03 004

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