Thursday, January 31, 2013

Koko’s Sippy and Harper the Friendly Ghost

I bought Dakota her very own sippy cup this week when we were out. She is always reaching for Harpers so I thought I’d get her her very own. I didn’t think she’d be able to figure it out yet, but I was so wrong! She barely had that thing for 5 minutes before she figured out how to drink the water! Man was she surprised when water filled her mouth! :)

2013-01-30 001 2013-01-30 006

While she was busy gagging on drinking her water, Harper was busy being a scary ghost:

2013-01-30 001 2013-01-30 012

A nice, scary ghost that is.

Walking around with blankets on his head playing ghost is just one of his favorite games these days. His other favorites are hide and seek (40 gazillion times a day) and looking through his I Spy books. I’m just glad that he’s so easily entertained!

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