Thursday, January 31, 2013

My 6th Grader


For Landon, 6th grade sure has been an eye opener. I don’t remember Zoe having any trouble transitioning from elementary to middle school, and I wouldn’t really say Landon’s had trouble, but it sure has been a challenge thus far.

The homework load is probably making the most difference. For Landon to sit all day at school and then have to come home and sit some more is torturous for him. He doesn’t get home until 4:30 so he really has to start homework almost immediately just so he gets it done and has a little free time before bed. There have been quite a few nights that there hasn’t been any free time at all. Just school, homework, bed and that kind of sucks.

He’s been required to do several projects this year on top of everything else. I have to admit that the projects aren’t terribly difficult or anything, just time consuming. His class had to read The Hobbit then do a rather large project on it just recently. He enjoyed the book but still stumbled through a lot of the project. Luckily Tony has read the book and was able to give him a hand. The project turned out really good (in my opinion) and I’m anxious to see the grade he was given.

He also just did a smaller project for Science. (I think that so far this year he’s had 3 projects for this class alone.) He made a brochure about the rock cycle. It wasn’t a difficult project by any means, but it took him quite awhile to complete it. I sure learned a lot about rocks and the rock cycle!

Front Cover:


Inside pages:


Inside Flap:


Back Cover:


He got 15/15 on this project! Woohoo!

It seems to me that Landon’s biggest struggle in school right now is math. He seemed okay at the beginning of the year, but I think the pace of the class is a little quicker than he’s ready for. He pretty much needs constant help with his homework and is really frustrated when he doesn’t understand it. His grade in that class is showing that he isn’t understanding it too. We haven’t gotten the second report card as of yet, but I think we may need to hire him a tutor to help him get through this class. I am terrible with math, so I can’t help him. Tony and Zoe both help when they can but with Zoe being away at school and Tony helping with the two littles at night, it’s tough.

Other than math though, he seems to be doing pretty well. We have a constant struggle with him forgetting to do things, like turn in homework he’s completed, but I think we’ve gotten that taken care of as of now. I’m just really hoping he’ll make it through this year without too many more problems. He’s sure got a lot of school years left to finish.

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