Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christmas Album, Part 2

Here are the last several pages:

I didn’t get many pictures when Kiersten visited, but I used what I did get to make this spread about her visit.


These two pages were about our cookie decorating party. Hidden journaling on the tag behind the photos on the right page.


Of course I had to put in the photo of the babies with Santa!


This was all about the night we sat around making foam Christmas trees.


Usually I get photo’s of both kids wrapping their gifts, but Zoe hid in the basement to wrap hers and I didn’t get any pictures…but, I got this one of Tony and Landon hard at work. Since it was only one photo, I did our game night page on the right.


Gingerbread tree’s are what these two pages are about.


Here you have a cute little toddler showing off his cookies for Santa and on the right, a bit about how we spent our Christmas Eve.


Christmas Day. There are so many things I could do for these pages, but I decided to keep it real simple with just a photo of each kiddo on that day.


Even though I should have ended there, I had letters from Santa that I wanted to include in the book. It’s something that Mema makes sure to send each kid every year. (She just stopped sending them for Zoe, and Landon probably won’t be getting many more either…but the babies have YEARS left, thank goodness!) I also had the back of the Christmas day page to fill, so I figured that’s where I’d put them!


There you have it. My 2012 Christmas album. This is one project I really like doing and looking back through each album is really awesome. It’s amazing how much changes in one year and how much stays the same.

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