Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My December (Not So) Daily Album, Christmas 2012

I can’t really call this a December Daily album because I didn’t quite make the usual 25 pages. I decided to go ahead and make a book with what photo’s I did get though, and I’m happy with how things turned out.

I’m going to break this up into a couple posts because they are going to be photo heavy.

I went with a super simple cover. I liked the paper but because it was such a busy pattern I embellished very little.


My first layout is always about Zoe because her birthday is the first!


My second page, this year, was about Koko turning 5 months old.


This layout was about the boys hanging the candy canes on the tree. They didn’t really help with the ornaments, but they did enjoy doing this part.


I put our holiday greeting card on the left and wrote a little about the experience on the right.


These pages were dedicated to our new elf, Peppermint. I used lots of photos to show the crazy mischief she got into.


I got a couple shots of the boys working on their Lego advent calendars. There is a little journaling on the tags on each page.


I used the photo’s of us making our ornaments for these pages. The photo of the ornaments on the right lifts for some journaling about this.


Pictures of our drive through the Festival of Lights.


These two pages are dedicated to the little projects Harper did at home.


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