Friday, January 25, 2013

My Little Spy

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Every time I see Harper sitting and looking at books I am reminded of when Zoe was little. She loved to read anything she could get her hands on and I have the feeling this little guy is going to be the same way. I can remember Zoe spending many hours on the couch reading during the summer…it was just what she enjoyed doing.

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We’ve made it our ritual to read to Harper before nap and bedtime every day. He loves for us to sit and read to him, and now he also loves to sit and “read” to himself. He’s especially interested in I Spy books and knows them all by heart. This morning, Landon was reading one of those books with him and Landon told him he had to find a penny. Well, Harper informed him that he wasn’t looking for a penny but a “president’s face” which is what is written in the book. There’s just no fooling this dude.

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