Sunday, February 3, 2013

An Early Start

My day began pretty early. Koko was up with the sun at 6am. She probably would have eaten and gone back to sleep if I hadn’t had to change all of her clothes that were soaked from an overly wet diaper.

I got her changed and fed and she pretended to go back to sleep, but once she caught me looking at her, she gave me a big smile and I knew then that we were up for the day. We played in her room for a bit and then I went ahead and got her dressed for the day and we went to get Harper out of bed at 7am.

Once he too was up and dressed, we headed downstairs to play. He wanted to play with his Mr. Potato Head, and Dakota was happy to grab and play with anything I set in front of her.




Harper got his Mr. Potato Head all put together and then noticed a few holes on the back…so, he put a few things there too. :)


Dakota really wanted to get ahold of what Harper was playing with, but when she couldn’t reach it, she settled for her crinkly lady bug.


The rest of our day consisted of grocery shopping, a visit to Mema’s house (she watched the kids while we went to the new Wegmans), playing with the littles, laundry, nap times, etc. Landon even made a little money doing some chores for Mema, and then promptly spent what he made on games for his iPod!

2013-02-03 001 2013-02-03 013

Landon could spend his entire day playing video games if we let him. He’d go from his iPod to the X-Box to the Wii-U and back again. He really enjoys a wide variety of games, but I’ve really got to limit him or he’d do nothing else. I’ll be (sort of) glad when soccer starts back up just so that he’ll be out of the house and doing something else he loves.

Zoe was here for the weekend, but spent most of it elsewhere. She came home for a friends 21st birthday and spent the night there Saturday night and didn’t come home today until around 4pm or so. She and her boyfriend played with Harper and Dakota, had dinner with us and then they both headed out to a Super Bowl party before Zoe headed back to Towson for school. I’m not sure when she’ll be home next, but I think it’ll probably be a few weeks before we see her again. Schools tough this semester and she’ll serve herself well to stay there and get her work done. We’ll look forward to seeing her in a few weeks though. Brandon too!

All in all, we had a wonderful day and weekend. I’m hoping we’re going to have the same kind of week…

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