Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Clovers and Hair Ties

These two kids totally amuse one another. I asked Landon to keep an eye on her for me while I did a couple things this morning, and she couldn’t have been happier. When I got on the floor to take their picture, he got close to her and she leaned her head towards his until they were touching.

2013-02-26 001 2013-02-26 004

After Landon left for school, the two littles and I headed to the library for story time. Both of them had a good time, but this time Dakota was feeling pretty confident instead of shy and she “talked” really loudly for about the last 10 minutes.

When we got home, everything went downhill. Dakota never took her morning nap and she was way past her limit by the time we got home. Most babies would be so tired that they’d just crap out in the car or something, but not this girl. She fought that nap like her life depended on it, and didn’t go to sleep until just after 11. (And after lots of crying since I’d run out of idea’s on getting her to sleep.)

I decided to use the time that she slept to let Harper do some finger paint. I grabbed some green paint, green glitter and print out’s of clovers, and off we went.

2013-02-26 001 2013-02-26 005

2013-02-26 001 2013-02-26 007

2013-02-26 001 2013-02-26 009

It’s a good thing we got started the minute Kota went to sleep too because she only slept for about 25 minutes…grrr.

Yesterday, at 8pm I realized that we were completely out of dog food. Not, close to out, but like zero dog food left in the house. It is Landon’s job to feed Ginger in the morning, and Landon’s job to let me know when we are running low, which he did not. So, I called my mother-in-law and asked her if she’d come sit at my house while the babies napped so that I could run to the store to get the food and the other 4 trillion things on my list. Luckily she wasn’t busy and came over today around 1pm. Dakota was still awake when she got here, but just as I pulled into the drive way at 2:15pm, she was putting that little runt in her crib. Dakota had had a massive blow out diaper while I was gone. (One that required a bath and everything!) After the blow out, Mema was able to feed her a bottle and rock her to sleep. That little girl is a workout. No wonder I’m so damn tired at night.

While I was out at Target I found some tiny little hair ties to try in her hair. I’ve bought a ton of hair supplies to try to keep her hair back but up until today, nothing has worked. But now, I’ve finally got something that does the job!

Behold the first ponytail:

2013-02-26 001 2013-02-26 025

Now I’m rethinking getting her hair cut this Friday…

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