Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Not much going on here today. Just a typical Wednesday for us, really. Harper got to go to Rolly Pollies with Mema this morning, and I got super lucky when Dakota decided to take a nap while they were out. Of course I didn’t do anything exciting while she was asleep, but it was nice to have a few minutes to myself nonetheless.

I did manage to get all of our sun catchers rehung while she was snoozing. I took them all down so that I could use the hooks to hang Christmas ornaments during Christmas time and I’m just now getting around to putting them back up. I guess you could say they just weren’t real high on my priority list. But, all 11 are back up and Harper will be thrilled at all the rainbows they’ll cast around the kitchen and living room in the morning.

2013-02-27 001 2013-02-27 002

When Harper got home I had put together a quick little art project for him to do.

2013-02-27 001 2013-02-27 003

Unfortunately, he wasn’t really interested in it at all and after only doing a little bit was ready to move on to something else. (He may have put on a total of 10 in the picture you see below.)

2013-02-27 001 2013-02-27 004

After naptime I asked him if he wanted to work on the rainbow a little more and he happily jumped up in the chair and started…but, he quickly remembered that he didn’t like it and was ready to be done. I coaxed him into helping me finish, which he did, and then we were off to play something else.

2013-02-27 001 2013-02-27 014

While Harper was busy cooking me some delicious food in his kitchen, Dakota was busy pulling stuff out of the toy basket. She would pull something out, put it in her mouth, and then toss it. Repeat that about a dozen times and there you have her method of “play” right now.

2013-02-27 001 2013-02-27 013

And, at one point, Harper found Mr. Potato Head’s mustache and thought he’d try it on:

2013-02-27 001 2013-02-27 006

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