Friday, February 15, 2013

Mama’s Boy

2013-02-14 001 2013-02-11 008

I love this picture of Harper. It says so much about him right now. He’s sitting on the floor in my office playing with my iPad. I don’t remember the exact reason because it’s something he does with some regularity these days, but my guess is he just wanted to be with me while I was busy on my computer.

There are times when he doesn’t nap that I just make him his pillow couch and he quietly plays while I pay bills or whatever. He’s definitely a mama’s boy right now…

Knowing that he wants me and no one else is a blessing and a curse all at the same time. If he gets a boo boo, only my kiss will make it better. If he’s having a tantrum, only I can hold him until he’s done. He’s testing his boundaries these days too and I get the brunt of that too, mostly because I’m home with him all day. He is still as sweet as can be, but there are more tantrums to contend with, more NO!’s, more warnings and even a few consequences here and there. I know he’s just learning and testing the waters, but it sure can be tiresome.

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