Friday, February 15, 2013

Story Time Tuesday

Every Tuesday in February there is story time at our library. We went last week and loved it, so this week we made sure to go again. This week’s theme was colors, something Harper is very good at.

It was a little more crowded this week than last time, but not overly crowded. After each book there is typically a song or dance to do to keep the kids’ attention, and Harper really got into it this week. He was happy to get up and do the movement that went with the songs which is pretty much a first for him.

Before we went to the library I had to take Dakota to get her second flu shot. She barely even whimpered when they gave it to her and I was thankful they got us in and out of there so quickly. She fell asleep on the way to the library and slept until the very end.

Once we finished story time we made our way to the play area so that Harper could do his favorite puzzle. He wasn’t too happy when he noticed that another little boy had gotten to the puzzle first, but I was able to get him to do another puzzle until the little boy finished. The second that boy walked away from the puzzle, Harper said “Ok! He’s done! My turn!” :)

2013-02-14 001 2013-02-12 006

My mom kept Dakota busy while I helped Harper at the puzzle table. She was so cute standing up at that little table pushing the blocks around. Hard to believe that in a few more months she could be doing that all by herself.

2013-02-14 001 2013-02-12 003

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