Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our Very Own Mini Golf Course

The phrase “I’m bored” isn’t said very much in our house. It’s pretty rare that any of us are bored, even when there is nothing I’d like more than to sit and twiddle my thumbs, it just doesn’t happen.

But, on Sunday, Landon dared to utter those dreaded words. Now, I could have probably come up with a few dozen chores to keep him occupied and get my house clean at the same time, but I took pity on him and gave him a fun task instead. I had just come across an article in Family Fun Magazine about making a homemade mini golf course and thought that would be something he’d enjoy.

We pulled out cups and blocks and he got right to work. In the picture below, he’d just finished the beginning of the course and was trying to convince Harper to quit stealing the cups. :) He wasn’t able to convince him, which turned into a mini freak storm that I put out by giving Harper his own set of cups. Phew.

2013-02-19 001 2013-02-17 007

The best part of the whole thing was that it actually kept Landon busy for about 45 minutes and he enjoyed putting it together. Tony and I both golfed the course, and the last hole (photo below) was pretty impressive.

2013-02-19 001 2013-02-17 011

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