Monday, February 4, 2013


This morning the two littles and I attended a playgroup. It’s just a bunch of local moms who meet up on a weekly basis at different venues. Today’s playgroup was in a meeting room at a local church. Besides myself, there were 4 other moms and a total of 8 kids. Two or three of them were about Harper’s age, a few younger, a few older. Dakota was the youngest of the bunch.

We had a nice time and Harper is just blossoming into a real outgoing type of guy. He was a little reserved in the past, but these days he doesn’t hesitate to talk to anyone, child or adult.

Before we left I asked him what toy he’d like to bring to share with the other kids. While I was searching through the toy box, he collected the following:

TV remote, dish towel to his kitchen set, half a hamburger bun and a small book clipped from his Highlights magazine. He brought them all to me saying that he was ready to go and share his toys! :) He also grabbed one of two favorite blankets; but it was definitely not for sharing.

Of course I grabbed some acceptable toys to share, and we also brought a dish full of strawberries as well. Harper didn’t mind sharing any of it which really surprised me. I thought he might be hesitant to share his stuff with kids he’d never met, but I was wrong. He was way too interested in playing with the toys the other kids brought, especially a little toy horse that he found. He made sure everyone in the room got a kiss from the horse, and he was content to “gallop” it around the room for at least 20 minutes.

Dakota sat on my lap chewing on one of her toys for the majority of the time we were there. She started to get cranky around 11:15 and that was my cue that it was time to head home. Once we got back here it was time for lunch and naps.

I’m really looking forward to when it gets a little warmer out because they do play times at all the local parks in our area. It’ll be good for Harper to find some kids his age to play with and good for me to meet some moms in the area with kids the same age as mine.

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