Friday, March 1, 2013

Banana Peels & Dakota’s New Smile

Yesterday was a stay at home day. I didn’t feel like going anywhere and since we’re busy so much of the week, it was nice to just stay home with the babies and play.

We spent at least an hour playing in the basement. We played with some toys we haven’t seen in awhile and Harper pulled out the game Operation. He loves to hear the noise it makes whenever the tweezers touch the metal!

2013-02-28 001 2013-02-28 003

Dakota has gotten to the point where she always wants to be “up”. If we sit her on the floor to play it doesn’t take long for her to reach for us to help her stand. She prefers to stand while playing, so the activity table has become very interesting to her as of late. And, because she and I were playing with it, Harper took an interest too. They shared for a little while but Harper can only share for so long before freaking out and screaming about the toy being his! Being two is tough…

2013-02-28 001 2013-02-28 008

While Dakota napped, Harper and I sat at the table playing with play dough. He wanted to make a puppy, and he did a really good job!

2013-02-28 001 2013-02-28 010

When he put the tail on, I said “Oh! He even has a tail!” and his response was “No, that’s not a tail, it’s a banana peel!”. Silly me thinking the dog had a tail.

2013-02-28 001 2013-02-28 012

Earlier in the day, Harper watched an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and I thought of an idea for a game we could play after watching the show with him. The show was about an alien Mickey who loses his shape friends…

So, I cut some shapes out of sticky back foam, then retraced the same shapes onto another sheet of foam which I then stuck on a clipboard. I hid the cut out shapes around the house and when he found them he had to match them to the shape on the foam sheet. He loved it! After hiding and seeking 5 times, he was finally bored of it, so on the last round we pulled off the backing and permanently stuck them to the foam sheet.

2013-02-28 001 2013-02-28 018

He already knows his shapes, so I think we’ll try this activity again using something he doesn’t know as well, like numbers. He knows 1-5 by sight, but that’s about it. He really loved the hide and seek aspect of this game, and I could see this being an easy way to learn lots of things.

When Dakota woke from her morning nap, she was sooo hungry! I fed her some food, and then a bottle, but she still wanted something in her mouth, so I gave her a little pretzel. She loved it! She sucked on it until it broke apart in her mouth, and I had to fish the big pieces out of her mouth because she didn’t like that part so much.

2013-02-28 001 2013-02-28 022

For some reason, she’s all the sudden got a new smile, too. She scrunches up her nose and squints her eyes with her mouth wide open. It’s pretty funny! Sorry about the food in her mouth…it was dinnertime!

2013-02-28 001 2013-02-28 035

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