Wednesday, March 27, 2013


After the insanity yesterday morning, I thought it might be good if we all went out and did something fun. We decided on bowling. Bowling is easy, near by and kid friendly. Win. Win. Win. I invited my mother-in-law along too, she always loves hanging out with us…yet I have no idea why most of the time.


Harper was wishy washy about the whole idea from the get go. First he wanted to bowl, then he didn’t, they he did; it was terribly confusing. He finally did bowl with us, but only for about 7 frames.


After his last turn, he hid in a little spot near the doorway and proceeded to fill his diaper. Right there in the middle of the bowling alley. That boy has no shame.

Dakota was crazy nearly the whole time we were there. No one could hold her without her flinging herself around and squirming. I tried everything I could think of to get her to settle down, but nothing worked, so we just passed her from person to person and kept on bowling. She did sit down for about 4 seconds when we gave her a cup of water to play with.



Landon was excited to go bowling until he bowled the first frame and got a total of 3 points. He was a grump the rest of the time. There is just little in life more annoying than a sulking pre-teen. He too quit bowling after the 7th frame…luckily he didn’t hide in a corner and poop his pants like his little bro. His attitude sure stunk though.


Here he is being grouchy.

2013-03-27 001 2013-03-26 015


He was so mad at me for taking this picture. I mean, he didn’t care about all the people who were looking at him like he was a brat, but seriously he did NOT want me to take his picture while he was throwing his tantrum!!!

Bowling didn’t turn out nearly as fun as I’d hoped.

I should have known it wouldn’t.

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