Monday, March 25, 2013

Fab 4

While Zoe was home she mentioned that we didn’t have many pictures of just the kids since Dakota’s been born. It’s awful, but true. It’s a bit harder to get pictures of the four of them all together since they are rarely all together, but I made sure to get a few pictures of my crew before Zoe headed back to school. 

Harper’s face in this one is too funny!


Dada was trying to get some smiles so that’s what the two babies are looking at in this one.


Oops, Zoe’s falling asleep…


I like this one even though Harper was trying to make a run for it.


The second Harper took off, Landon did too. They don’t love having their pictures taken, but they were good sports. Zoe, on the other hand, doesn’t mind being in front of the camera at all, probably because she grew up with me taking pictures of her all the time. So, when the boys took off, I got this picture of Zoe and Kota. Beautiful girls…


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Carmen O. said...

Great pix! Really love the one of Zoe and Dakota.

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