Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break?

Today was the first day of Landon’s spring break. This is what we saw out our windows this morning:

2013-03-25 001 2013-03-25 002

2013-03-25 001 2013-03-25 003

2013-03-25 001 2013-03-25 005

Harper couldn’t wait to get out in it. Tony was here and he had Harper dressed and out in the snow by 9am. I was thankful he was here to take him out because I don’t think Dakota would have liked being out there too much. They were out there for about thirty minutes before Landon joined them.

2013-03-25 001 2013-03-25 014

They built a snowman. They threw snowballs. They built a little sledding hill. Then, Harper got cold, and they all came in. Harper was pooped out from all the fun and asked if he could watch a show with his blankies. How could I say no to that?

2013-03-25 001 2013-03-25 016

We spent the rest of the morning playing inside. Once nap time rolled around, Harper and Dakota both went right to sleep and Landon and Tony played a round of Stratego.

2013-03-25 001 2013-03-25 019

I took the opportunity to work on a scrapbook page that I’ve been meaning to finish for weeks now. I still haven’t finished, but I’m getting somewhere finally. Hopefully I’ll be able to post it sometime later this week…

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