Monday, March 18, 2013


I published my Friday post a bit prematurely…

I wanted to add this video of Harper singing Pop Goes the Weasel:

I also wanted to mention that Landon had his first soccer game Friday night. It didn’t go very well. The team hasn’t had much practice and they just weren’t very well prepared. I didn’t get to see the game as I had to stay home and get the babies to bed (with Zoe’s help, thank goodness!), but the final score was 7-0. Hopefully, things will get better…

Ok, now on to Saturday.

2013-03-16 001 2013-03-16 002

Harper loves to play on the stairs these days. I am constantly telling him to come down, but we’ve had to break out the baby gate again. We have a permanent one at the top of the stairs, but not at the bottom. In this picture, he’s insisting to me that he’s just eating his snack, not “playing” on the steps. Grrr…

Zoe always has some strange thing to say, and this particular morning it was that her hair smelled like farts. Yeah, farts.

2013-03-16 001 2013-03-16 004

Saturday turned into a cleaning house type of day. I had to do major dusting in Landon’s room, and somehow every single person ended up in his room.

2013-03-16 001 2013-03-16 006

Dakota tried a few new foods this weekend. She liked the graham cracker the most…

2013-03-16 001 2013-03-16 008

I planted this pot full of tulip bulbs in the fall and then put it in the garage for the winter. Over the months that it sat in the garage, things were set on top of it and it was pretty much forgotten. It’s a good thing I saw these green shoots out of the corner of my eye as I was leaving the other day, or who knows when I would have remembered to pull them out of the garage. They’re looking pretty yellow and weak, but I’m really hoping they’ll make a come back. Next time I do this, I’ll remember to put a sign on it that reads “DO NOT COVER!! BABY PLANTS GROWING!!”

2013-03-16 001 2013-03-16 010

Naptime stories with dada.

2013-03-16 001 2013-03-16 012

After nap, we headed to Mema’s house. We got there earlier than usual so that we could hunt for Easter eggs and walk to the park. (I thought Harper might like to search for eggs, but he LOVED it!)

2013-03-16 001 2013-03-16 014

Koko loved the swing.

2013-03-16 001 2013-03-16 025

Zoe too.

2013-03-16 001 2013-03-16 030

Landon showed off for us a little.

2013-03-16 001 2013-03-16 043

Harper practiced his balance.

2013-03-16 001 2013-03-16 038

We talked Zoe into getting up in this tree. Despite her smile, she was crapping her pants on the inside…

2013-03-16 001 2013-03-16 039

Then, she really started screaming when Tony decided to join her. She thought he was going to break the branch off and they were going to crash to their deaths…even though they were less than 2 feet from the ground. :)

2013-03-16 001 2013-03-16 040

Cousin Lea showed up in time for some indoor play. It’s pretty neat watching Harper and Lea develop a relationship. Hopefully it’ll be one that lasts a long time.

2013-03-16 001 2013-03-16 047

Dinner mayhem.

2013-03-16 001 2013-03-16 049

And, the pie that I picked up for dessert. It was amazing.

2013-03-16 001 2013-03-16 050

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