Monday, March 18, 2013

Friday Stuff

Mommy, Kota playtime. She’s got this toy figured out. Well, the closing the doors part anyways! We’ve still gotta open each one for her.

2013-03-16 001 2013-03-13 005

This chair is just perfect for playing on the iPad. No cushions required.

2013-03-16 001 2013-03-15 001

A quick return to the mall and a mandatory stop to ride the airplane.

2013-03-16 001 2013-03-15 009

Spring break for the big kid.

2013-03-16 001 2013-03-15 013

Harper walks around singing a lot these days. When he started to sing Skitta Marinka Dink the other day, I had to get it on video. Prepare for cuteness…

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