Monday, March 4, 2013

Short Visit

Zoe decided to come home for a couple of hours yesterday. I think she’s finally seeing that coming home for the entire weekend isn’t a necessity, and a 30 minute drive is worth a few hours of family/boyfriend time. She’s doing well and keeping quite busy at school…exactly what we want her to do. We love when she comes home but I’m happy she’s out there learning all about life. She’s growing up and it’s fun to watch.

2013-03-04 001 2013-03-03 009

When she comes home she is so excited to see the kids. Harper and Landon just love when she stops by but Dakota has to warm up to her every time. She does her shy thing for a little bit, but once Zoe’s tired of that she just grabs her and holds her and eventually Dakota warms. Sooner or later all that won’t be necessary because she’ll start remembering her sister…but its probably going to take Zoe living here full time for that to happen, so maybe this summer.

Zoe really came home to visit Brandon. He wasn’t able to go to Towson this weekend to see her, so she surprised him at work with lunch. He got off work early (the theatre was d.e.a.d) and they ended up having a good bit of the afternoon to hang out.

2013-03-04 001 2013-03-03 011

Before Zoe showed up, Landon had been playing on the computer for what seemed an eternity, so I made him shut it down for awhile. He just doesn’t even know what the heck to do with himself if he isn’t playing some type of video game these days, but luckily everyone was up to playing a board game when he asked. He’s been dying to play Funglish for awhile now, and he finally got his chance.

2013-03-04 001 2013-03-03 008

Zoe’s next visit will be her week of spring break which is the week before Landon’s begins. I can’t believe spring break is already so close!

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