Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Monday

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She is such a beautiful little thing. She’s always reaching out for me to help her stand or to pick her up. I completely love when she reaches out for me like that but I have to admit there are moments that I wish she’d be happy sitting for a bit. But, she’s too much of a mover and shaker. She’s interested in everything and doesn’t want to miss a thing.

2013-03-04 001 2013-03-04 007

This little guy began his day with a puzzle. He can count to 14 or so, and he recognizes 1-5. We played this for a bit before he decided to put all the pieces in his shopping cart to take for a spin around the living room. His attention span is pretty short these days and he’s more interested in running and/or jumping on things than doing puzzles. He still loves puzzles, he’s just got ants in his pants. :)

The two littles and I spent the rest of our morning at play group. Harper played very nicely with the other kids while Dakota fought a nap as hard as she could. She eventually lost her battle and slept in my arms for about half an hour.

I’ve been meaning to do several odd chores around the house, but they keep being put off for one reason or another. Today I finally got around to washing all the light covers on the upstairs fans.

2013-03-04 001 2013-03-04 015

The fans got a good dusting while I was at it. I couldn’t believe how much brighter the light seemed in the bedrooms once those covers were washed! I’m a little embarrassed remembering how bad they were…

2013-03-04 001 2013-03-04 024

While I was messing with the fans, I gave Landon a job so that he could earn some of his Friday night skate money. $20 every Friday adds up quickly!

2013-03-04 001 2013-03-04 022

He never complained, he just did as he was asked. I gave him the job of dusting the stair railings because it’s something that needs to be done every once in awhile, but is often forgotten. It didn’t take him long to do, and they look great! I told him it was worth $5 so tomorrow I’ll have some other chores ready for him to do.

Happy Monday, ya’ll!

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