Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Like

We had some beautiful spring like weather this weekend. We managed to take the kids out every day for awhile and it was such a nice break from being inside all the time. I spotted some tulips pushing their way through the mulch! Hooray for spring!

2013-03-11 001 2013-03-07 013

Dakota got her first feel of the grass. Not nice soft grass, but grass nonetheless. She enjoyed pulling it out of the ground and even got a taste of it before I caught her…

2013-03-11 001 2013-03-07 017

Harper joined Dakota and I in the grass, and he too liked pulling it out. He only sat for a minute or two then he was off and running around the tree in the yard.

2013-03-11 001 2013-03-07 018

On Saturday I decided to take the two little ones down to the park. Luckily, I had Zoe and Landon to help me out.

2013-03-11 001 2013-03-09 003

Dakota loved the slide!

2013-03-11 001 2013-03-09 010

Harper loved playing with his big brother. They’re racing to the hill in the above photo. Pretty sure Harper won…

2013-03-11 001 2013-03-09 013

It’s always so nice when Zoe’s home because she is always so helpful when it comes to the kids. She loves holding Koko, reading to Harper and even makes time to hang out with Landon. This weekend she was such a great help I didn’t want her to leave.

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