Monday, April 15, 2013

A Story About a Turd

What a day.

Despite being quite sick yesterday, Dakota slept well throughout the night. She woke up at 4am for a bottle and I wasn’t surprised because she went to sleep on an empty belly. Luckily she kept that 6 ounces down and went back to sleep until 7am. She’s now had 4 doses of her medicine and things are looking like they’re back to normal. She’s been happier today, she’s eating food again and she didn’t vomit. I’m calling the day a success.

Harper did very well with the potty training bit today too. We did have a minor mishap, and of course, I’ve got to tell this story…

Around 9am Harper was doing a little dancing around the living room so I told him it was time to go potty. I was holding Dakota and he was playing keep away from mom, so I had to chase him down in order to get him to the bathroom. I held his hand and carried Dakota to the bathroom, sat her down on the hallway floor behind me and then got Harper situated on the toilet. He immediately pooped and I was so excited that my attention was on him for a second or two longer than it should have been.

When I turned to check on Dakota, I noticed her hand moving towards something. I didn’t know what it was but it looked like a small rock. I hadn’t seen it there just a moment before when I sat her down, so I leaned in for closer inspection only to realize that it was a turd.

Yes, a turd.

I automatically assumed that the dog had done it and cursed her under my breath as I wrestled Dakota away from the offending poop and grabbed some toilet paper to clean it up. I wasn’t sure if she touched it or not, but the second I saw her reach to put her hand in her mouth, I freaked out and washed her hands, which she did not enjoy at all. When I was done washing her hands and my own, I searched for more dog poop, and when I didn’t find anything, it hit me. The poop had been Harpers. But how did that happen when I’d just heard him poop on the pot?

Well, when he was playing keep away from momma, he was actually trying to finish what he’d started, which was poop. I’d unwittingly caught him in the act and unknowingly plopped him on the seat without a second glance at the inside of his drawers.  When I did look in his underwear, there was just the faintest trace of a poop and I knew then that the turd had rolled out of his underwear as I’d undressed him and put him up on the toilet.

I was so proud that he did poop on the potty though, and made sure to reward him big for his efforts. We’ve been using smarties and m&m’s as rewards (1 piece each time he pees on the pot and originally I told him he could have two pieces if he pooped) and I was so happy about it I told him to tell me how many pieces of candy he wanted. He told me three, and guess what?

I let him have 4 whole m&m’s for that poop!

Am I generous or what!? Winking smile

And there you have it.

A story about a turd.

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